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Environmental consultants advise on sustainability, waste management and recycling

About Fusion Solution PLT
Started since 2021, founded by a group of passionate and professional dedicated team.
The rules of thumb in our business philosophy: sharing knowledge with our clients, always timely delivery on every given task by our clients and in return cost efficient for our clients too.

to develop sustainable development through the provision of good environmental and management practices consultancy and monitoring

to serve and support the world in sustainable development through good environmental management practices, pollution prevention, control and remediation. To promote and implement good environmental management practices for sustainable development.


Renewable Energy
Wastewater Management
Environmental & Consultancy
Field Sampling
Laboratory Management
Details scope of services 
Management, Handling and Control of Toxic and Hazardous Wastes (Scheduled Wastes)

a. Environmental Quality (Scheduled Wastes) Regulation 2005
i. Scheduled waste sampling, analysis, characterization and profiling
ii. Scheduled waste reduction and minimization processes (resource recovery, recycling or reuse)
b. Management, Handling and Control of Solid Wastes
i. Solid waste management, handling, recycling and composting
c. Management, Handling and Control of Pollution of Solid Wastes
i. Environmental Quality (Control of Pollution from Solid Waste Transfer Station and Landfill) Regulations 2009
d. Water and Wastewater Management
i. Compliance monitoring of industrial effluents discharged from production processes including sampling and testing of the specified effluent parameters 

Bringing innovative ideas and technology that reinvents our usual way of recycling and managing waste.

a. Quantum Thermal Cracking (QTC),
I. a technology that recycles organic and inorganic substances like glycerine pitch, used truck tires, plastics waste, toner cartridges, industrial waste sludge, rubber waste, municipal solid waste, etc. into oil, gas and charcoal. 

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