Bioconversion for ZERO organic waste from industries by Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Black Soldier Fly Larva (BSFL)

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Black soldier flies (Hermetia illucens) are not much to look at, but they are making major waves in the aquaculture industry. These superstar larvae are disrupting the fish feed status quo by providing a protein-packed, inexpensive and high-quality alternative to the otherwise unsustainable feeds on the market.

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Pallet feed for fish, rabbit, cat by BSFL
Alternative Animal Feed by BSFL
Frass Organic Fertilizer by BSFL

a bit about BSFL...

a bit about BSFL

BSFL with pineapple...

BSFL eats pineapple


The larvae can serve as feed for fish, poultry, and pigs. They can also be fed to and pets, from lizards to dogs.

On top of that, black soldier flies present great potential for human consumption. When powdered, they can serve as a great protein source to be added to shakes or porridge.

They are one of the most beneficial flies in existence and are considered non-pests. The adult black soldier fly does not have mouthparts and does not feed upon waste. They do not bite, and as only the larva feed, are not associated with transmitting any diseases.

The good news is that black soldier fly larvae farming and insect protein processing is not just good for the environment: it represents a profitable business opportunity for farmers.

The nutritional content of these insects means you can make them an essential part of your chicken's diet – and they might even help your flock grow better and lay better eggs! Black soldier fly larvae are full of protein, fat, and essential vitamins and minerals

About Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL)

Decomposition of Food Waste by using Black Soldier Flies Larvae (BSFL) Treatment by using black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) is one of the environmentally safe and cost-efficient method that has been attracting attention worldwide. Black soldier fly decomposes various types of organic waste and converts into high-value biomasses such as oils, fats, and proteins This project therefore we named as “BSFL’S FOOD WASTE BIOCONVERSION PROJECT

organic waste food material
From waste to money 

Some of the high-quality commercial products of larvae & frass as below: 

1) Animal Feed: This is an insect-based protein that is made up of BSF larvae. It can be used as feed for chickens, fish, and pets. This feed contains 55% protein with a highly digestible blend of essential amino acids.

2) Pure Natural Oil: This is a pure natural oil prepared from BSF larvae. This oil has a high concentration of lauric acid. It’s mainly used as aquaculture feed, pet food & can be used as an alternative to fish oil, coconut & palm oil. 

3) Soil Conditioner: This is an organic soil conditioner prepared from the larval residue or compost. It’s contained high N-P-K, which is essential to maintain soil fertility

bioconversion facilities for bsfl
Bioconversion facilities

• The fruits & vegetables will be shredded in hammer mill or other shredder to make the waste easily access by BSF’s larvae
• Since the waste is wet, let it dry for 1-2 days to remove water content

Set up:
• works with crates because 1 person can handle them & can stack them into pallet. between layers have metal frame to allow air circulation)
• the larvae in tray for 2 weeks and during this phase they are fed 3 times = every pallet with 500 kg of waste
• once the larvae has reached a good size, the pallet can be harvested
• since we have wet substrate, put the residue and larvae on screen where the liquid flow and the larvae crawl through. then the larvae is separated from liquid • rinse the larvae before being throw in process


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